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Bourbon Tour, April 9, 2005
Tour to Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

We started out at the NCM parting lot on an absolutely gorgeous top-down day, with 11 vettes and 1 truck (23 people). As we traveled down the road, we saw some very scenic Kentucky landscape. We also seemed to multiply as we got closer to Bardstown, so by the time we reached our destination the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center we had 33 people. We were so large a group that they divided us into two groups, one to taste test first and the other to tour the distillery first, then we switched. Everybody received a very small jug as a souvenir, after the tasting. (A couple people decided not to waste their bourbon, so they poured into the tiny jug.)
A little history lesson, bourbon happened as an accident, when Elijah Craig’s caught fire in 1789 and his oak barrels got charred. He used them anyway and found it changed the color and favor. The Heaven Hill distillery was established in 1934 by the Shapira family and today is the nation’s largest independent, family owned marketer and producer of distilled spirits products. (The products include things for non-drinkers like barbeque sauce, candy and marmalade.)
After we finished at the distillery, museum and gift shop we regrouped and drove back to Kurtz Restaurant (across from “My Old Kentucky Home” State Park) for a great time of fellowship and of course food.
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